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Kyiv Girls Admire Frozen Flower Art

4. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Russian and Ukrainian women adore flowers. They never get tired of receiving them as gifts and they always enjoy their beauty and sweet aroma while walking in the park.


So it's no surprise that "Exhibition of the Flowers of the Snow Queen" is a big success in Ukraine's capital city.


Now through January 27th, visitors can admire various artistic creations that combine winter and summer, warmth and cold. The event is meant to demonstrate the timeless beauty of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen.


Natural flowers from every district of Kyiv were covered with water and frozen, giving them the appearance of unique ice sculptures. Dozens are on display thanks to Kyivzelenbud, the municipal enterprise in charge of parks. "I consider this exhibition the most beautiful and successful project of Kyivzelenbud," said General Director Mykhailo Tsarenko.


The public service company usually organizes an elaborate flower exhibition around the summer holiday of Independence Day but this year they chose to include a winter event as well, which is the first ice flower sculpture show in Kyiv. 


Source: Worldwide News Ukraine, Photos: forUm