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Lady of the Day: LovelyDaisy from Nikolaev

28. August 2009 by Admin 0 Comments



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Why have you decided to use HotRussianBrides.com to search for love?
I want to find the one who will be my most special man and who will complete me. I am searching for someone who will be my second half, my sense of living, my inspiration, and my passion. I feel that I will find my soul mate somewhere out there living in another country and by searching online I know I have more chances to find the right man. Also I enjoy chatting online, I feel more open talking to a man online before someday meeting in person.


Take us through a typical day for you?
I am a student, so I can't support myself to live on my own just yet. I currently live in apartment with my grandmother because it's close to my university and my parents live in another city. I begin my day with helping grandma in the house. After that I go to school. Once class is over I either spend time with my friend or go to the agency. I only have one real friend here so we usually go for shopping, other times I try to spend online. It takes me about 45 minutes to commute to the agency from school. If I can't make it there to chat online I sometimes will stop at a cyber café to check my email. I like to talk online and I am curious about everything because there are so many cultural differences to learn about.


What are you looking for in a man?
I primarily am looking for love, moral support and understanding. What I find most appealing in a man is his sense of humor and how he behaves towards me. I want to know what he finds interesting about me and how he sees us in the future.