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Learn About Russian Culture at The Moscow International Film Festival

21. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

The 35th annual Moscow International Film Festival will open with a name and face familiar to westerners: the new Brad Pitt film, World War Z will kick off the 10 day festival that showcases movies from all over the world.


The festival’s central feature is a group of 10 films that will compete for top honors, one shown each day. Other films that are not in competition will also be shown, including a selection of films that show the history of Russian cinema.


A few films from the Moscow Film Festival that will be of special interest to international daters who wish to learn more about the FSU:


Rol (from Russia)

Rol (which means “The Role” in English) is the story of a gifted actor who assumes the identity of a revolutionary leader in Silver Age Soviet Russia. While living as his doppelganger, he becomes obsessed with the cause, even as it leads him toward danger.


Disorder (from Georgia)

Disorder is a film about guys and girls in their 20s trying to find their place in contemporary Georgia. Director Archil Kavtaradze's previous film, Untitled has won awards for its screenplay and direction.


Skolzheniye (from Russia)

Skolzheniye (which translates as “slide”) is about a day on the life of corrupt drug-enforcement police in Russia. It’s the first full-length film from writer/director Anton Rosenberg.


The Moscow International Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world and was first held in 1935. It has occurred regularly since 1959, and has been recognized as a place where the world can get some understanding of the tumultuous social and political landscape of the former Soviet countries. 

Photo: clasixart