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Learn Russian – Finding a Common Language

18. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Learning a new language takes time. It helps to have a few phrases handy to let people know when you are having a hard time understanding them, and to work out ways you can understand one another better. Here are a few phrases to memorize that can help, along with some apps for your phone for when you are in a bind. The pronunciation guide is not included so you can continue learning your Cyrillic alphabet. Need a refresher? It’s here.


Вы говорите по-английски?

Do you speak English?

(The formal “you” is used here.)


Мне очень жаль, я не говорю на русском

I am sorry, I do not speak Russian.

(Hopefully, you will not have to use that phrase for long!)


Не могли бы Вы говорить медленнее?

Could you speak more slowly?


Не могли бы вы повторить?

Could you repeat that?


Apps to the Rescue

These Android phone applications can help you practice your Russian or help you with a quick translation in a pinch:


Google Translate 

This app can translate between 65 languages at the touch of a button, including both Russian and English.


Easy Russian Language Learning 

Use virtual flash cards to learn useful Russian phrases.


Speak Russian Free 

This free app, available on both the Android and iPhone platforms, presents only the most essential phrases.


Review past lessons to increase your knowledge, so you chat with a Ukrainian or Russian lady in her own language soon.