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The Four Dangers of Long-Distance Relationships (And the Five Ways International Relationships Rock)

2. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

We won’t deceive you: although the love you find online can be the most satisfying, long-distance international relationships can also be some of the trickiest relationships to develop and sustain. It takes character, strength, patience and understanding to make an international relationship work. And, many members of our site will have courtships fizzle out before finally connecting with the right Ukrainian lady.


The good news is, knowing the possible pitfalls in advance can help you avoid them. Always be aware that:


Poor communication can make a promising relationship die on the vine.

When you email, there are none of the visual cues you have in a face to face conversation. People can misunderstand one another. This is only compounded by the fact that you and your love have a language barrier to navigate, as well. Always, always seek clarification when things don’t seem right, and do everything you can to make your own communications clear. 


Long-distance relationships require planning and scheduling.

There is no texting at four on a Friday to see if she wants to get a drink at seven. If you want to make sure that you will both be online for a video chat, you will have to work it out in advance so you are both online at the same time.


Long-distance relationships require a lot of patience and understanding.

Our always-connected society has led many people to expect instant communication at all times. But, when you venture into Russian dating, all of that goes out the window. Time differences and the effort involved in getting to the agency mean that the time it takes for her to answer your emails will often be measured in days.


Ladies in the FSU have demands on their time that can include work, school and family, just as you do. Many ladies do not own cars, and are at the mercy of public transit to get from here to there. Go into your courtship knowing that there will be some missed connections and that rapport will develop at a slower pace. By matching your expectations to reality abroad, you can have a more realistic viewpoint, and avoid unreasonable disappointment.


International dating is not for the jealous and possessive.

There are some gentlemen out there who cannot handle the idea that the lady they like is also chatting with other gentlemen. But, savvy, wise and understanding men know that international courtship, at least at the start, includes a number of suitors. The time investment in this sort of dating online means that starting with many possible future mates increases everyone’s chances of finding a match. We recommend that the ladies chat with several men, and that the gentlemen talk to a number of ladies, as well.


But, don’t get the idea that it’s all rough going. There are also a number of ways that long-distance relationships are actually superior to those that start locally. Among them:


You really get to know one another.

When your relationship starts with letters and chat, you spend time, as a matter of necessity, really talking to one another. This gives you the opportunity to get to know more about one another than you might if things started with in-person dates, and the distractions of being out and about together.


Travel is part of the deal.

When people make lists of the things that they want from their lives, “travel” is always near the top. If you are courting a lady from Ukraine, you will, at some point, have to make the trip there to take things to the next step. Ukraine’s beauty, history, and current status as one of the world’s best value travel spots make it the ideal destination. And to think, this is just a bonus when your main goal is your search for love.



Part of the pleasure of any good thing is the anticipation. Waiting for the time that you and she are together. Imagining a first date, travel adventures, and your eventual life together makes the development of your relationship that much more exciting and enjoyable.


You get to experience old-fashioned courtship.

Modern local dating can go pretty fast. For many people, this is a plus. But, it can mean that you miss out on some of the slow and leisurely pleasures of an old fashioned courtship. Taking things slowly and engaging in traditional wooing of a beautiful lady is fulfilling in a way all its own.


You know she’s the one.

When you expand the scope of your search for love to encompass the whole world, you get the chance to meet someone who is as close to perfect for you as possible. The wide dating pool means that finding the lady who is most compatible with you in personality, values and life goals is far more possible.


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