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Love Blonde Russian Women? Join the Club!

20. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

The International Association of Blondes does actually allow gentlemen members, whom they call their “Vikings”, but you may be better off just joining their Fan Club and enjoy watching them fight for their cause! These strong, powerful women put their blond heads together and participate in galas, charity events, and even Barbie exhibitions! They don’t take themselves too seriously; even one of the membership requirements is to collect blond jokes and create jokes out of their own lives!


They Abide By Their Oath

Every good club has an oath and this one instructs its members to “keep my hair blond, my skirt short, my legs long, and my eyes blue”. They also must “love eating apples and drinking fruit juice”. There are also things included in this sacred oath that they must not do, such as “don’t strain my mind, so my hair won’t get black” and “don’t forget my skills from high school or the university”. And you thought blondes were dumb!


Blondes on Parade

Cheering up the Baltic state of Latvia was the IAB’s goal with their Go Blonde! Parade back in May. Over 500 beautiful blondes marched through the capital city of Riga, dressed in pink and white. Some women used the opportunity to counter stereotypes, chanting, “I am beautiful, but I’m not dumb!” The parade was such a success that they already have the 2010 date set for May 30th. Start planning your next vacation to Latvia?


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Watch the blondes parade through the streets of Latvia!