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Love, Unity, Change in President Putin's New Year Speech

2. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Each New Year's Eve in Russia, just before the countdown to midnight begins, everyone sits in front of their televisions to watch the speech broadcast by the president. 


This year, it was President Vladimir Putin who offered thanks, advice, and his thoughts on what 2013 will bring for Russians. 


"My fellow countrymen! The year 2012 is now history. It was a very important year for our country. My heart goes out to thank you all for your support, trust, hard work and the results that it brought.


As these closing minutes of 2012 fly past, we feel acutely aware of the fast pace of time, the fast growth of our children and our love towards our families, relatives, friends and neighbors.


Each one of us is recalling the most important events, meetings and pronouncements of the outgoing year. Everyone expects New Year’s Night to bring luck and also something of a miracle. Miracles, they say, do happen sometimes. People, however, should rely on themselves and their friends to achieve fulfillment in their profession and good results in their studies, creative work and efforts to improve life and advance self-improvement. Let us become less unforgiving and more caring and generous towards our parents, children, friends, neighbors and all people who need out support and help.


We look to the future with hope of positive change. We also realize that our personal hopes are inseparable from the fate of Russia and from our feelings of love and gratitude towards our country. Russia is well into its second millennium. Its future depends on our solidarity, responsibility, energy, hard work and efforts to do good and be useful for it. Only unity can successfully carry the Russian people through tribulations and help them meet challenges, solve problems, stride forward, build a strong and successful modern state, enhance prosperity and safeguard freedom.


My dear fellow countrymen! It’s just a few seconds to the stroke of New Year’s Midnight. Love, happiness, and good health to you all! May your best plans come true! May newborn children appear into this world! May each and every Russian household live in happiness and accord! A happy and prosperous family spells a mighty and unassailable Russia!


I congratulate you all on the arrival of the year 2013! A happy New Year to you!"


Source, Photo: The Voice of Russia