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Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival

2. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Lviv is known for its culture – and that extends to its appreciation for wines and cheeses. Four hundred years ago, when the climate in the area was warmer, Lviv was surrounded by vineyards. The city was famous for both its wine and cheese, and citizens of Lviv have never lost their taste for either. This year, Lviv host its third annual Holy Cheese and Wine Festival from October 19th to the 21st.


(For those keeping track at home: yes, Lviv does have a lot of food-related festivals! Besides the upcoming wine and cheese festival, they also hold festivals for chocolate, coffee, beer, Easter eggs and doughnuts. Truly a foodie paradise.)


During the festival, guests will have the opportunity to sample fine wines and cheeses from Ukraine and the rest of Europe. Featured cheeses include French goat cheese, Italian Parmesan and domestic offerings from Dobryana and Danone. Wines from winemakers in Odessa, Transcarpathia and other regions will be available to complement the fine cheeses.



There will be a number of activities for you to enjoy with a special Ukrainian lady. Sit down to a feast that pairs fine wines with gourmet cheese dishes. During the 2011 festival, the organizers made a giant cheesecake to share with all attendees that contained 80 kilograms of cheese and 800 eggs.




The festival has entertainment daily for you and your lady. During the day, acrobats and clowns put on shows. Enjoy live musical performances at night. You can even attend cooking classes with your lady during the festivities. Each day of the festival will be dedicated to a different aspect of wine and cheese culture.


If you are looking for a unique look at the finest foods of Ukraine, check out the Holy Cheese and Wine Festival with your favorite Ukrainian sweetheart.

Photos: Lviv Holy Cheese and Wine Festival