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Heading to Ukraine to Meet Her? Here’s How to Make a Great Impression

31. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

It can be one of the most exciting times in your budding relationship, but also one of the most nerve-wracking: heading overseas to meet your Ukrainian sweetheart in person for the first time. There is no need to worry; she is probably as nervous as you are! But, it doesn’t hurt to take a few steps that will ensure a good first impression.


One: Arrange for a Taxi to Pick Her Up

Few Ukrainian ladies own cars of their own. Buses can be crowded and sometimes unreliable. And, Ukrainian ladies favor high heels that can make long walks really uncomfortable! If you send a cab for her, you’ll make getting to your date much easier for her. This is an especially sweet gesture during especially hot or cold weather.


Two: Dress Your Best

Ukrainians tend to dress more formally than people in the US. A meet-up for coffee might be a jeans and t-shirt affair at home, but, you’ll fit in better if you wear a nice suit. Chances are she’ll put a lot of effort into her looks for your first date. Give her the compliment of dressing well, shaving that morning, and even checking in with the barber the day before so that you look your best, too.


Three: Brush Up Those Old-Fashioned Manners

Ukrainian ladies love traditional gentlemanly gestures like holding doors, offering your arm and carrying packages. A gentleman who exhibits these charming and caring traits has a leg up on those who don’t. Be aware of her needs and step up with chivalrous gestures.