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Making Plans to Meet your Russian Lady

11. December 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

After a certain getting-to-know-you period, many of our members decide to take the next step and meet their Hot Russian Bride in person. This is an exciting process, but not an easy one. When visiting another country, precautions have to be taken and plans must be made. To take much of the pressure off of our Members, HotRussianBrides.com and our Agencies are pleased to offer as much assistance with your trip as we can.


Russian Dating Agencies and how they can help you

When a Ukraine lady joins our service, she signs up with an Introduction Agency which provide not only an account for her to use but also computer and internet access if she doesn’t have the ability to log in on her own. The Agencies can also be a great resource for Gentlemen on the site as well, since they are able to provide services when they are travelling. The agencies can handle everything from transportation to accommodations when you are in the lady’s city and can provide translation services and other logistic support when you are meeting the lady.


Qualification and Taking the Next Step

If you’re ready to take the next step and meet the Russian lady of your dreams, firstly please make sure that you are Qualified per our Terms of Use policy. Qualified Members are those who maintain a Paid Membership (A Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership) and who have purchased 2500 credits over the life of their account. After you have reached these two goals, all you will need to do is log into your Russian dating site account and click on the button from the bottom menu labeled “IMBRA”. This will then walk you through the process of becoming approved. You will have two forms to fill out and both must be completed. After becoming Approved, your next step will be to send your Russian girlfriend an Intimacy Request. Once this Request has been approved by her, we will be able to provide her agency’s contact information so that you can get in touch with them and start planning your trip.


Meeting your Russian Lady and Staying Safe

In the past, we have posted quite a few blogs about safety when you are travelling to a new place and visiting someone you have never met before. It is always a great idea to make sure that there is someone who knows where you are at all times. Another important point to make is to avoid becoming intoxicated or travelling outside of well-lit areas at night. Avoid drawing attention to yourself as a tourist and be sure not to flaunt or display large amounts of cash or flashy jewelry.