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Mediterranean Cuisine at Porto Maltese Restaurant

30. April 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

If you like seafood, you'll love Porto Maltese Restaurant. Founded in 1989 in Malta as a fresh fish market, the owners decided to expand into the restaurant business and today there are locations all around Europe.


The Kiev location is decorated just like an authentic fishing ship with real fishing nets, portholes, and anchors.


If you can't decide which type of fish you want by looking at the menu, a large ice-filled display shows all of the offerings. You can even choose the portion size and how you'd like it prepared.


There is an everyday menu with classic favorites and a daily menu that changes depending on the day's catch. In the center of the restaurant, the kitchen is wide open so diners can actually watch the chefs prepare their meals.   


If you plan on visiting Russian brides near Moscow, there are several Porto Maltese Restaurants there too. Watch this promotional video and consider stopping in one of the locations during your next vacation.