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Meeting Russian Ladies – Who Travels Where?

4. November 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

We are occasionally asked what the best way for gentlemen to meet ladies from our site in-person is. While it is certainly more popular for Gentlemen to meet Ukrainian ladies in their home country on the first meeting, the best way will be up to both members, what they wish to do and what their expectations are.

For most gentlemen, it is a less complicated process to visit Ukraine than for the lady to visit your home country, aside from a few notable exceptions. Ukraine has a Visa-free policy for many countries, including:

United States Austria
Belgium Canada
Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia
Finland France
Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland
Israel Italy
Japan Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Poland
Portugal Principality of Andorra
Principality of Liechtenstein Principality of Monaco
Republic of Iceland Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
Sweden The Netherlands
United Kingdom The Swiss Confederation


All citizens of the above countries and a few others can visit Ukraine with just a passport. Citizens of these countries can visit Ukrainian girls without a Visa, as long as they are staying less than 90 days. Ukrainian citizens who wish to travel to most countries, aside from Russia or Israel would need a Visa from that country’s embassy.

Other factors involved in travel include expenses – Ukraine generally has a lower cost associated with visiting than many other countries – and safety. We’ve written quite a few articles about staying safe when traveling to other countries in the past and it’s always important to remember that to Ukrainian ladies, your country is as foreign to her as yours is to her. So if a lady feels apprehensive to visit, try to understand her perspective!


If you decide to travel to visit a Ukrainian bride, be sure to complete the Qualification process and let us know if you need any assistance while traveling to the lady’s country. We will be happy to refer you to her Introduction Agency who will be able to provide many different services within your Ukrainian girl’s country!