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Meeting Women Online vs. Meeting at the Workplace

24. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Plenty of single men spend more time at their jobs than they do at their homes, so it makes sense that relationships at the workplace often occur. Having something in common makes it easy to start a conversation and feel an immediate bond. However, men who have tried dating women they work with soon realize that it’s much more complex than it seems.


One obstacle you may experience is company policy. Many organizations frown upon workplace romances. They can interfere with productivity and cause a multitude of complications, from favoritism to sexual harassment. Yet, 41% of employed Americans ages 25-40 have admitted to having engaged in an office romance, according to a joint survey sponsored by Glamour magazine and Lawyers.com. Respondents had the most problems when a manager dated a reporting staff person.


While this method of matching up may still be popular, many of these relationships don’t last very long. You spend all day together and then are expected to spend the nights together as well. The “how was your day” conversations quickly become dull and unnecessary. Plus, when the relationship ends, you’re still stuck seeing each other every day, whether you want to or not. Even if you were rejected before a romance could begin, having to see her all the time does daily damage to your self esteem.


Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet new ladies from a distance. You can date one, two, or twelve at the same time, while being able to easily manage your time and not being rushed into anything. You’ll have more to talk about since you spend your days differently. Plus, you’ll be so eager and excited when the time comes to finally meet your ladies in person! If a relationship doesn’t materialize, you don’t have to worry about feeling weird like you would if she were working with you.


When comparing online dating to dating women at the workplace, two wise old sayings come to mind. Don’t mix business with pleasure and absence makes the heart grow fonder. Focus on your job during business hours, and then court your favorite Russian brides in your free time. You’ll be more successful in your professional life and your personal life.