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Megan Fox, Russian Brides Spoof on Saturday Night Live

8. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian Brides

Many people hear “Russian brides” and imagine wealthy American men purchasing young beautiful Russian women for thousands of dollars. Saturday Night Live exploited this stereotype for a laugh in their Megan Fox-hosted premiere episode on September 26th.


In the past, Russian women’s photos were actually displayed in catalogs with price tags, which is how the term “mail order bride” originated. Fortunately today, there are online services, such as HotRussianBrides.com, which offer the communication tools necessary for open-minded bachelors to pursue friendship, romance, and yes, possibly even marriage with women overseas. Since SNL’s premise is to basically spoof and mock everything for a laugh, of course their portrayal of the Russian bride stereotype is no different. 


Cast member Fred Armisen is Svetlana, a straggly blond “Russian bride”. Megan Fox appears as the more attractive and seductive Katya.


If you’re expecting some kind of hilarious twist ending, you will be disappointed. Mixed reviews say Armisen’s performance provides silly hilarity as usual, and Fox doesn’t impress. Some compare the humor to the “Chippendale Dance-Off” sketch with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze, saying SNL is simply recycling old jokes.


There may still be organizations out there that offer Russian brides for sale, but the successful and legal ones simply provide men with an online dating opportunity to talk and meet with Russian women. Since the industry has the term “mail order” attached to it, the stigma persists that these women are bought and sold, but this is not true. The legitimate organizations charge fees for services such as helping people meet, exchanging emails, phone calls, gifts, and setting up meetings. The courting and relationship building is still controlled by the gentlemen and ladies involved.