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Men Need Pampering Too

21. November 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Russian women enjoy pampering themselves with occasional trips to the spa. Gift certificates to such establishments are even available in the HotRussianBrides.com Gift Shop.


While men may think the services offered only appeal to the ladies, they can actually be greatly beneficial to the gents as well. 


Men who make an extra effort to look and feel healthy will appear more attractive to Russian and Ukrainian girls. When visiting a few of your favorites, consider scheduling a day date for any these relaxing and rejuvenating treatments.



If you want to look a little younger while boosting your immune system at the same time, try a cryotherapy session. Lasting only three minutes, the procedure involves shockingly cold air blown all over your underwear-only body inside of a one-person sauna.  


"It boosts the immunity and metabolism and has a face lift effect," says Svitlana Melnykova, administrator at Tonus Studio beauty salon. "A woman suffering from chronic tonsillitis had no problems with health for more than two years after a course of cryotherapy." 


Paraffin Therapy 

Ladies love a man with a smooth touch so if you have rough, dry, calloused hands, you could use some paraffin therapy. Paraffin wax is heated to bathe hands for several seconds. Once they are covered in the soothing white substance, cotton gloves are worn for at least 15 minutes.


"Paraffin therapy is a classical procedure when it comes to hands treatment, especially in the winter period," says Angelina Gevorgyz, director at Cacao beauty salon. "Unlike creams that will wash out, paraffin covers the skin with a protection sheathe. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect."





Fish Massage


While taking good care of your hands is important, don't neglect your feet! An interesting way to get rid of rough skin is by soaking your legs and feet into an aquarium filled with hundreds of tiny Asian fish. Garra Rufa are imported from Singapore and nibble away for about 20 minutes.


"Apart from nail and skin care, it improves the blood circulation and even could make up for pedicures if done regularly," says Kateryna Melnykova, administrator at Fish Massage Salon which has been operating in Kyiv for more than a year and a half. "This procedure was once offered in VIP beauty salons... but now it’s available at a more moderate price."


Health and well being are very important to Russian women so don't think an occasional trip to a spa will make you any less of a man. Ladies will actually be impressed by your desire to look your best and getting treatments done together could make for very memorable dates!

 Source: Kyiv Post