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Mesmerized By Magicians? Experience The Sensual Magic of Galina

21. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

The Sensual Magic of Galina

When Galina Strutinskaya was 16, her father sent her away to cooking school, thinking that if she became a cook, she would never go hungry. However, after she graduated, she was attracted to a different industry – the circus!


With only enough money for a one-way ticket to Kiev, she escaped from the kitchen and eventually graduated from the Kiev Circus School with distinction. She went on to The Theatre Academia in Moscow and was awarded the title Miss Magic of the Soviet Union.


She traveled around the world entertaining audiences with illusions, becoming the first Russian magician to win the Magic Hands competition in West Germany. She formed a theater group in Kiev called The Magic Theatre of Cagliostro which became the first group of its kind independent of the Soviet government.


"Galina possesses the ability of injecting mystery, beauty and sensuality into her illusions," describes All About Magicians. "Her signature illusion involves a levitating glowing ball which interacts with Galina on a level of grace and beauty."


Galina met her soul mate, British comedian Sonny Hayes, in a TV studio in Paris. They began entertaining audiences together as a comedy duo now known as The Dream Team. They currently live in Australia. 


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Check out these pics and watch one of her performances below!