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"Miami Social" episode 5 features the calm before the storm

13. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Miami Social Episode 5

Miami Social began this week’s episode “All About Me” with the reconciliation between real estate mogul George and his fiery Russian girlfriend Lina. After the heart-wrenching news of the previous episode, it had seemed that the relationship between the two was doomed to failure but with the start of this new episode it seems that their relationship is meant to be, much to the ire of George’s ex-wife Sorah.

Meanwhile Maria, a Russian photographer, and her friend Michael take fellow Miami social-circle member and recent divorcee Katrina out for a night on the town with very mixed results. Both Michael and Maria start trying to introduce her to gentlemen only for Katrina to shoot every one of them down.

As the episode ended, Sorah finally put her foot down, as the condo that George and Lina share actually belongs to her. She announced her intention to sell the condo and informed George that he and his girlfriend would have to leave as their constant fighting and presence was interfering with her life.

As Miami Social wrapped its penultimate episode, the tensions seemed to mount further. Lina managed to patch up her relationship with George, but they may have significantly damaged their friendships and relationships with the rest of the cast. Circle member Michael posted a blog on Bravo’s website earlier today promising a “dramatic” season finale and George posted a blog stating “there are a lot of fireworks left to come”.