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Acceptance Video Reveals Why Miss Spring Queen, ZhannC936, Chose to Enter Pageant

11. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Last month, the gentlemen of Hot Russian Brides chose ZhannC936 to be their new Spring Queen. The Odessa-based beauty clinched the pageant title with 18.4% of the votes, an honor ZhannC is honored to receive.

“This victory made me realize one of my missions in this life,” the Ukrainian beauty says in her acceptance video. “I will always thank God for opening my eyes to this.”

Though ZhannC936 is one of Hot Russian Brides’ most popular members, she didn’t enter the Miss Spring Pageant to flaunt her beauty and popularity.

“You know, my participation in the contest was not to prove to myself that I am beautiful,” she says. “I wanted to show what I truly am and to help those kids in the orphanage.”

In her entry video, ZhannC demonstrated her passion for helping children at a Ukrainian orphanage.

Check out the Spring Queen pageant page to view ZhannC936’s heartwarming acceptance video!