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Moscow Metro: One of the World's Largest Subway Lines

11. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Moscow MetroMoscow, Russia’s capital city has one of the largest subways in the world. Second only to Tokyo’s train system, Moscow Metro spans almost the entirety of the city, with almost 200 miles worth of track.

Although in use since 1935, the Moscow Metro didn’t hit its height of expansion until the mid 60’s and has been steadily developing since. Today there are 177 separate stations and the Moscow Metro services 7-10 million people every day.

Tourists in Moscow will be impressed at many of the stations built in the early days of the Metro, containing many examples of what is now referred to as “Socialist Realism” or “Stalinist Architecture”. Featuring minimalistic masonry with stucco or terra cotta finishes, buildings in this style were largely built during and shortly after Joseph Stalin’s time as Prime Minister of Russia. Aiming to throw off the extravagances of the past, architects created a new style which was not only utilitarian but also visually striking.

One of the great Urban Legends of Moscow is that there is a second, secret subway underneath the commonly used Moscow Metro, designed and built during the height of the Soviet Union in case of emergency. The line supposedly connects the Kremlin with other places of national importance such as airports and the Federal Security Service building.