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Moscow Planetarium Reopens After 17 Years

13. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since its original grand opening in 1929, the Moscow Planetarium has been an important resource for cosmonautics research and public education. When it was closed for reconstruction in 1994, no one knew the lapse would last 17 years.


However, the Planetarium was reopened today with 14,000 additional square meters of space for astronomical activities.


One of the highlights includes the new balopticon Universarium M9, which consists of 32 projectors showing 9,100 glimmering stars. The machine can simulate starry skies over various cities and can also show astronomic phenomena from over 10,000 years ago.


Another level of the complex is completely interactive, where guests can create tornados, black holes, and experiment with other exhibits. In the Urania Museum hall, named after the patron of astronomy, there are three-dimensional globes of various planets as well as a meteorite collection with 113 samples of extraterrestrial matter.


Souvenirs are available in the gift shop, such as small bits of meteorites, books, telescopes, real space food, and other gifts.


Preview the Moscow Planetarium with this impressive pictures!









Photos: Mikhail Kolobaev, Russia Today