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Moscow to Have Underwater Parking

2. December 2009 by James 0 Comments

Any resident or visitor to Russia’s capital will tell you that Moscow has a parking problem. With the cost of building garages prohibitive, city leaders have thought about going down under for parking. Not underground but underwater.


Unlike most cities where parking garages are built skyward or below ground, the high price of land in a booming Moscow makes building skyward prohibitive, and with all the below ground infrastructure, digging is also very expensive.


Yet under Moscow’s waterways there are no communication lines and fewer water pipes. Though it is more expensive to build underwater, it is possible. Moscow’s subway tubes travel under the waterways.



City leaders wanted to build the underwater garages four years ago, but the waterways are federal property.


Working with federal authorities Moscow officials have found a solution. They have created a commission made up of officials from all organizations responsible for the underwater territory. The new commission, which would operate much like an airport authority or like the New York Port Authority, would maintain and operate the parking garages.

The Plan

The plan calls for 24 underwater car garages which would hold 100 to 600 cars. That would provide the central part of Moscow with nearly 15,000 extra parking spaces. The entrances and exits would be on the embankments of the rivers and lakes. The garages would be automatic and would need only one person to operate them. Starting in January, authorities will open the bidding process for companies who want to build the underwater garages.


It is hoped that combined with new above ground lots and garages in Moscow’s suburbs, the parking situation will improve. That will be welcome news to Moscow’s more than 10 million residents who are searching for parking.