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Motion to Suspend Russian Law Makers Tossed

8. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

On September 31, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided not to suspend Russian law makers. The decision came after Moscow was accused by 72 Deputies of not properly following peace guidelines subsequent to a recent war with Georgia, which is the main reason that the vote to grant this motion was originally set in place. 20 of the signatures came from Deputies who live in countries belonging to The Council of Europe, an organization based in Strasbourg, France, which strives to protect human rights.

However, despite these accusations, the European Union decided that Georgia was responsible for starting the war. According to the the Council, the decision to suspend Russian law makers was made in the hopes that Moscow and Georgia would settle the dispute in a more civil manner.

Switzerland Deputy Andreas Gross stated, “I believe it is totally wrong to snub Russia, thus cutting off any chance of dialogue, which is needed so much.”

Whether such a conversation takes place or not, it is probable to conclude that some eastern European states might suspect that Russia will not show sentiment towards them in the future, since the original motion brought forth by various European Deputies made reference to claim that Russia refused to handle end of war peace motives in a reputable manner. On the contrary, there are those who agree that confronting this problem through peaceful means is the correct way to handle the situation.

Director of the European Studies Institute of Moscow International Relations is in concordance saying, “They decided for cooperation instead of confrontation and nobody needs confrontation.”