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Must See Places in Ukraine: Beaches of the Sea of Azov

12. October 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

During the summer, if you are looking for hot Russian and Ukrainian women the best place to find them would along the beaches of the Sea of Azov.  Bordering Russia, the Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, the Sea of Azov is a major resort hotspot for Russians and Ukrainians looking for a summer getaway. The Sea of Azov is the world’s shallowest sea with an average depth of 13 meters (43 feet) and a maximum depth of 15.3 meters (50 feet). Two main rivers, the Don and Kuban, which flow into the sea, keep its salinity low. In some places the salt levels are so low that the water is almost fresh.


What to Do

With soothing waters and abundant beaches, the Sea of Azov area has many relaxing resorts. Visitors can participate in a variety of leisure activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, boating, jet skiing and tennis,  just to name a few. The area also offers vacationers water parks, amusement parks, wonderful nightlife and great restaurants. Many travelers and locals swear by the natural mud baths, found along the coast, that are said to rejuvenate the body. The number one activity far and away is sun bathing. For men, the ultimate holiday past time is relaxing on the beach, and admiring beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women strolling by in bikinis.


Where to Stay

Vacationers have a multitude of fine resorts and accommodations to choose from located in various areas such as Primorsk, Berdyansk, Novoazovsk and Ukraine's 10th largest city, Mariupol. In June of 2009, Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., the world’s biggest casino company, began talks with local government officials about building a five-star resort and casino on the beaches of the Sea of Azov.


Those who have visited the beaches of the Sea of Azov will tell you that searching for that dream summer beach babe, has been replaced with the reality of finding a hot Russian woman on the beaches of the Sea of Azov.