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7 Wonders of Ukraine: Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

11. August 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Sofiyivsky Park


Uman is a small but very beautiful and picturesque city. It is well known in Ukraine as one of the 7 Ukrainian wonders is situated there.  It is called “Sofiyivsky Park” and it was built by the Polish Count Stanislaw Potocki for his Greek wife Sofia.


The history of building the park is full of romance as it was built in the name of a beloved woman, as a gift from her loving man!



Potocki was a rich man and he could have anything he wanted in the world, but he couldn’t find himself a good match! His attempts to find the lady of his dreams were always ruined. But one day Potocki held a poker game and one of the men put his daughter Sofia up as a main prize. After the Count had seen Sofia he fell in love and understood that he had to win the game and win the gorgeous Greek woman as his wife.




And his wish came true. But no matter how hard he tried to show her the emotions overfilling his heart, the woman couldn’t fall in love with him. So he decided to build a piece of her home country in Ukraine, so she could enjoy the beauties of the landscape and feel as if she were in her motherland!  He asked one of the most well-known Greek architects to make a beautiful park.




In 1800 the park was built. It turned out that Potocki idea was correct and helped their feelings! Sofia was so astonished with the beauty of the park that she couldn’t resist Stanislaw’s attempts to earn her love and they started enjoying each other’s company day after day on the isle of love…




The beauty of landscapes and lakes with fountain and sculptures amaze millions of people even now. Couples come to the park to enjoy each other’s company in the place where even the air is inflated with love and romance!









Just married couples visit the park to make a wish in the lake with golden fishes that they have a long and happy life together.