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Naked Russian Woman Captures Criminal

4. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Beauty can capture any beast, especially, if you are a hot Russian woman taking a bath.

Moscow police arrested Stanislav, no first name given, an 18 year-old Moscow resident on burglary charges. Police officials say the unlucky man was casing an apartment building in south-west Moscow when he spotted an open door.

Stanislav entered the apartment and began taking items but then he heard someone taking a bath. He looked in the bathroom and saw a sexy Russian woman having a bath.

While the enchanted thief lingered for a longer look, the phone rang in the apartment. As the woman got out of the bath to answer the phone, Stanislav panicked, ran and barricaded himself in another room. The victim then called police, who quickly arrived and arrested the peeping perpetrator. 

”Stanislav didn’t deny the fact of theft, and confessed to everything,” a prosecution spokesperson told the media. “The case will be investigated as a theft, with Stanislav facing from two to six years behind bars.”

In the future the victim will definitely make sure her door is locked.