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NeAngely – Sexy Duo at the Top of the Ukrainian Charts

18. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Ukrainian duo NeAngely’s song “Yours” has reached number one after 16 weeks on the Ukrainian charts. You can see the video for the popular song at the end of this post.


NeAngely has been producing hit after hit since the group was formed in 2006. When the members of the band VIA Gra parted ways, it left a gap in the Ukrainian pop landscape. To fill that space, Ukrainian producer Yuriy Nikitin decided to form a new group he would call “Angels”. However, upon meeting the sultry ladies he would eventually hire, he decided that they were no angels; in the end, they were named NeAngely, which translates as “not angels.”


Red-haired Olga Kuznetsova goes by the stage name “Glory.” Before joining NeAngely, she was a part of the Russian version of the sexy reality show Temptation Island. The other half on the act, Catherine Smeyuha, is known as Victoria. The Kharkov native’s previous work included participating in the Ukrainian TV competition Chance. Glory loves fashion and design; many of the revealing costumes that she and Victoria wear are ones she created.


The sexy singers appeared on the cover of Ukrainian Playboy soon after releasing their first single. The issue sold out in record time and rocketed them to local prominence. The group is known for their low and sensual vocal harmonies, and their tempestuous tabloid-material love lives. Glory has put her bad-girl days behind her; earlier this year, she married her fiancé in a casual ceremony attended by friends.


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