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Nervous About Your First Date? Here's What to Expect

26. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Where will we meet? How should I greet her? What will we talk about? These questions and many more flood the minds of men making their first trip to meet hot Russian brides in person. Most have the vacation of a lifetime and end up going back again and again, but that first trip is always a little nerve wracking.


Here are some of the things you can expect on a first date in Russia or Ukraine.


You'll Impress Her by Arranging Her Transportation

Most Russian ladies don’t own cars and will have to rely on public transportation to meet with you. Men who've made this trip before suggest arranging for a taxi cab to pick her up. Taxis are very affordable and much faster and more reliable than the buses or the subway. Your hotel concierge or a representative from the lady's agency can help you. 


She'll Be Well Dressed

Russian and Ukrainian women always like to look their best, especially during a date, so take care of the way you're presenting yourself as well. You may think wearing a suit and tie is going overboard, but it will make you look successful and very handsome.


She'll Likely Be Nervous Too

It may help to remind yourself that your date will be nervous as well. She's worrying about many of the same things you are so try to relax, crack a couple of cute jokes, and talk about how your flight was, what you've enjoyed about her city so far, and other light topics.


She'll Appreciate Gentlemanly Gestures

While arranging her transportation is an excellent beginning gesture, don't forget the traditional moves like opening doors, pulling out chairs, offering up your coat if she’s cold, etc. Even if she’s a strong, independent woman, these old-fashioned tactics will make her feel special. Being a gentleman also includes respecting her boundaries and refraining from intimate conversation during your first meeting.


You'll Benefit from a Backup Plan

While most men do get to meet their favorite Ukrainian girls in person during their trip, sometimes things happen. It can be impossible to imagine, but some girls get cold feet, change their minds, or get held up with work or school obligations. Be prepared by having some backup brides in mind. You can also team up with the local Russian or Ukrainian agencies so they can assist you with arranging new dates with new ladies.


You'll Become Best Friends with a Translator

Since communicating is so easy on HotRussianBrides.com, some gentlemen forget that ladies will need a translator alongside them for every date! They are very friendly and helpful so expect to become best friends. You can impress the ladies by learning a few Russian phrases so you can at least order at a restaurant, give her compliments, or ask her where things are.


Traveling to new places, especially ones that are as culturally unique as Russia and Ukraine, can change your life forever. Discover them for yourself and contact our travel liaison today!