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New Documentary Chronicles Creation of Russian "Everybody Loves Raymond"

9. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The Emmy-award winning American TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, was one of the highest-rated sitcoms of all time. The program, based on the real-life experiences of lead actor Ray Romano and creator/producer Phil Rosenthal, ran for nine seasons and was broadcast in over 25 countries. It seemed everybody loved Everybody Loves Raymond, even, ultimately, the Russians.  

In a new documentary entitled Exporting Raymond, which premiered at the Austin (Texas) Film Festival late last month, Phil Rosenthal shares the amusing story of his experiences in Russia, trying to develop a Russian version of the popular sitcom. IMDb describes the film as “a hilarious, warm and intimate journey of one man, considered an expert in his country, who travels to a distant land to help people that don't seem to want his help. Lost in Moscow, lost in his mission, lost in translation, Phil tries to connect to his Russian colleagues but runs into unique characters and situations that conspire to drive him insane.”

Rosenthal was ultimately successful. Voroniny, the Russian version of Everybody Loves Raymond, is now on the air. However, the Russian version of the show differs from the American version in a few interesting ways. For one, the cast is better looking, notes Ray Romano, and the female wardrobe director always attempted to dress the cast in the latest fashions (like we said, appearance is important to Russian women!). It was also unfathomable, in Russia, for the two families to both own their own homes, so the script was revised to place the two families in the same apartment building.

Exporting Raymond is scheduled for a wide release early next year. Here are a few photos and a video from Voroniny.




Source: Zap2It