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How Do I Block Emails from a Specific Lady?

2. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

If you no longer wish to receive emails from a lady, you may take advantage of the new block feature available with any paid membership. This feature allows you to block emails from specific users. To block a lady, simply open her email and click the link to “block” located above the text of the letter.  After the lady has been added to your Block List, you will be prompted to remove all her emails from your inbox or keep them.


To view your blocked list, click the Black Book tab on the upper navigation bar when you are logged into your account and select “My Block List” in the drop-down menu called Show Me. The results will appear on the left hand panel. If you wish to unblock a user, simply open her profile and press the link “Click to Unblock” located in the Email Status field at the bottom of her profile information. If you have not previously deleted her emails, you can also unblock her if you re-open an email from her and click “Unblock” above the text of the email.