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One Click Customer Service: Website Hostesses!

3. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

When you're sitting in front of your computer and you have a question about a website, the last thing you want to do is fill out a form and wait for a reply. You want answers immediately and there's nothing wrong with that. 


That's why HotRussianBrides.com employs Website Hostesses, so members can receive knowledgeable customer service with just one click, 7 days a week! 


You may forget how to change your profile picture, or you're curious about the benefits of upgrading your membership. Maybe you're having troubling sending an attachment with an email, or purchasing an item from the Gift Shop. Simply type your question to the Website Hostess and watch her reply via Live Video Streaming! 


But remember, this feature is for site questions only. While the Website Hostesses' beauty may rival some of the most popular Russian brides, please refrain from flirting. They are not there to find their soul mates. In fact, most of them are already happily married, which is why they are passionate about helping others find their other halves.


Type your inquiry to a Website Hostess today and you'll quickly see that HotRussianBrides.com provides the friendliest and most informative customer service experience in the industry! No more waiting hours or days for answers or explanations like other online dating sites.


When a Website Hostess is available to chat, you'll see her picture above the Profile Cards of ladies who are online now. You can also access her assistance right from this blog! 


And speaking of this blog, don't forget to scour through the different categories and the Help Center to discover more hints on your own. The more you learn about Russia and Ukraine, the more successful you'll be on this international dating adventure!