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One Easy Way to Look More Attractive

19. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

When you're getting yourself gussied up for some profile pictures, you might not remember one of the most important things that can affect the way you look.


Haircut? Check. Shaved (or at least trimmed) facial hair? Check. Clean teeth? Check. Nice clothes. Check? So what could you be forgetting? 




Researchers photographed 25 people twice: once after sleeping for seven to eight hours a night, and again after logging just four hours of sleep. After that, 40 people judged both pics on looks and rated how likely they would be to chat each person up.


The results? People were less willing to socialize with sleepy-looking men and women.


Plus, one of the first things ladies notice about a gentleman's photograph is his eyes. If yours have dark bags under them and are halfway open, she probably won't take your profile very seriously. While you may think eye creams are beauty products only invented for girls, plenty of men use them for more youthful looking eyes.


Simply getting more sleep will not only help your appearance, but it will give you more energy while should translate into your conversations. You'll come up with more creative things to write and more genuine compliments to give. So rest up to look and feel your best for your Russian dating adventure!


Source: Men's Health