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Ostroh Castle – Ukraine’s Spiritual Monument

7. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Ostroh Castle, noted as a “Spiritual Monument” by Ukraine’s Seven Wonders Council, was apparently constructed in the 14th Century, although the city of Ostroh itself was mentioned in historical text as early as the 1100’s.

The Castle was built on a cliff which has helped fortify it against attacks and several of its sides are protected by large moats designed to hinder the approach of Mongol invaders who had destroyed the original wooden fortress in 1224.

The city of Ostroh has a significant place in history, notably for having the second-oldest printing press in Ukraine and being where one of the oldest Slavic translations of the Bible was printed. The Ostroh Academy – the first institute of Higher learning in Ukraine and much of Eastern Europe was established there in 1576 and centuries after it closed, it was recreated in the mid-90s and still exists today. Due to these and other institutions, the city gained a well-deserved reputation for being a center of Learning.

The Ostroh Castle complex includes a guard tower, which houses the Ostroh Museum, a Church, a Belltower and another structure referred to as the “New Tower”.