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Pascha, Kulich, and Red Easter Eggs

4. April 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Last year, Easter was celebrated by both Western and Eastern Christianity on the same day. This year, Easter falls on different days. Those in the West, which include many gentlemen members of HotRussianBrides.com, get to enjoy the Easter holiday this Sunday, April 8th. Those in the East, which include Russian and Ukrainian women, will be celebrating next Sunday, April 15th.


Most Russian girls will celebrate on both occasions, similar to the Christmas and New Year holidays. And, like those other holidays, preparing delicious foods for incredible feasts is one of the traditions. 


Easter is called Pascha in Russian, but it is also the name of a special sweet bread eaten on Easter Sunday in countries like Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland. Made with simply butter, eggs, and sugar, Pascha is often eaten with hrudka, also called syrek, a bland sweet custard similar to cheese made from separated eggs and milk and beets mixed with horseradish. Christian symbolism can be found in the bread, such as the swirl of yellow and white on the inside that represents the risen Christ and the Holy Spirit. 


Another traditional treat is Kulich, a cake-like Easter bread that is popular in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Baked in tall, cylindrical tins, Kulich is decorated with white icing, slightly drizzled down the sides. The letters XB are also included on the icing which stand for the traditional Easter greeting of Христос воскресе, "Christ is Risen"


Decorating Easter eggs is another common tradition practiced by Russian and Ukrainian girls. In fact, Ukrainians are famous for pysanky -- intricate, brightly colored eggs created by the batik or wax resist process. The Pysanka Museum is located in the Ukrainian city of Kolomiya, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast; it's the only museum in the world dedicated to pysanka.


Eggs are also dyed, with the predominant color being red to represent the blood of Christ. Onion skins, red cabbages, or beets are used to achieve the perfect shade. Pascha, kulich, and the red eggs are all placed in a basket with flowers to be blessed by the priest.


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