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Pictures on HotRussianBrides.com look too good to be true. Are they all models?

15. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Russian Models on HotRussianBrides.comWhile a select few of the ladies who participate in our program do model in their free time, the vast majority of them have never stepped foot on a runway or graced the pages of a magazine. In fact, most of our ladies have average, everyday jobs.


So, why do they all look so beautiful? First, we've made it a point to select some of the most stunning single women Russia and Ukraine have to offer. When you couple that with the fact that European women, especially those from Russia, take great pride in their appearance, it should come as no surprise that the ladies who participate in our program wish to make the very best possible impression with their pictures. That's why many of them invest the time and money required to have their photos taken professionally.


Note: Please bear in mind that some ladies can't afford professional photographs, so when you perform an advanced search, you will find both ladies with professionally taken photographs, and those with more natural or candid photos.