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Pikkardiyska Tertsiya, Ukrainian A Cappella Band

3. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

On September 24, 1992, six singers performed together at Ivan Franko Lviv National University and they became one of the first a cappella groups in Ukraine. They have replaced only one member since then and have received numerous awards, recorded 10 albums, and toured the world. 


Pikkardiyska Tertsiya, the name of the band and also a music term meaning a major phrase at the end of a music composition, recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary with a concert in Kyiv. The men performed several of their own songs and they sang with other Ukrainian musicians such as Ruslana, winner of the 2004 Eurovision song contest.   


The group can sing over 300 songs in 12 languages, but most of their performances are in Ukrainian and have deep Ukrainian character. Among their hits are "Starenky tramway" ("The old tram"), "Pustelnyk" ("The hermit"), "Sumna ya bula" ("When I was sad") and many others.


All of the men have been educated in classical music but they like to experiment with different genres.


"If a song has a rock-n-roll character I can imitate a guitar," said Andry Kapral, the band’s tenor and soloist, famous for his improvisation skills. "If a song is melodic and calm then I like to make the sound of a trumpet. If it’s a tune with a jazz mood, I can try to reproduce a trombone."


In 1997, the band performed for First Lady Hilary Clinton at the Lviv Opera House during her trip to Ukraine, then two years later they went on a concert tour of the U.S. East Coast. In 2004, they returned to the U.S. for shows in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, New York, and other cities.


Enjoy these videos of Pikkardiyska Tertsiya! Maybe you'll get to see a live performance when you visit your favorite Ukrainian girls or when the group travels to your town.



Source: Kyiv Post