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Protect Your Relationship from Dead-Ending on a One-Way Street

14. March 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the most important things you can do to nurture your relationship with your Ukrainian lady is to always ensure that the relationship never becomes one-sided, with one providing more emotional support than the other. A few tips to keep things in balance:


Give and Take in Courtship

Neither one of you should be the one always making romantic gestures. Regularly send little romantic just-thinking-of-you notes. Make sure that your conversations are about both of you, instead of focusing on one or the other; either extreme can get exhausting for both parties!


Relationships shouldn’t be transactional. In fact, one big warning sign of trouble is ticking off who did what for who when. But, there should be a natural balance, with each of you surprising the other, spoiling one another, and showing deep attention to one another’s lives and needs.


Be Careful Venting

It’s natural to want to vent to your special lady at the end of a particularly rough day. But, too much of that can come across negative, and eventually start to harm your relationship. Additionally, it’s too easy to be short with the special person at home in the evening after someone ruffles your feathers at the office.


If you’re in a bad mood, make sure you explain why. This ensures that your special lady won’t take your mood personally. And, while some venting about things that bother you is fine, it can wear on your relationship if it becomes a consistent topic of conversation.


Show Appreciation

Whether it’s making sure that she’s around to video chat with you early in the relationship, or making your favorite dish once you two are together, make sure that you always show appreciation for the things that she does for you. That this makes your lady feel appreciated is obvious. What is less obvious is that these sorts of efforts makes you care more deeply, too. When we show appreciation, it makes us feel better about our lives and relationships, which in turn makes them stronger.


Never Forget the Romance

Did you know that merely acting flirtatious can make you more deeply attracted to someone? At every stage of your relationship, make sure you add a little romance to every day. Coming up blank? A few romantic suggestions:


  • Leave sticky note love notes on the mirror, inside cabinets, and behind the visor of her car.
  • Compliment her out of the blue.
  • Swing by a favorite restaurant of hers to grab a to-go order of her favorite dessert.
  • Without being asked, offer to go to take her to a movie you know that’s she’ll like, even if you don’t.
  • Never leave the house without a kiss goodbye.
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