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Protect Yourself from Dating Scams

20. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russian dating scams are in the news again – this time, people using stolen photos have targeted men in Austria, hustling men for thousands of dollars and then disappearing. While such cons can make a gentleman uncomfortable with the idea of online dating, a bit of care and common sense can protect from such scenarios.


Only Use Dating Services That Provide Full Verification

Most of those who are taken in by scams have taken the do-it-yourself route and contacted women through social networks. While this can seem like a tempting shortcut, it removes the protections provided by introduction agencies. On social networks, scammers can hide behind pictures lifted from the internet; you never know who you are talking to. Hot Russian Brides requires that all ladies who use our site provide photo ID and undergo a video verification process. On our site, you know that the lady you are chatting with is the one in the pictures.


We Work Only with Reputable Introduction Agencies

We work with a large number of agencies in Russia and Ukraine. But, hundreds more failed to make the cut. Only the most reputable and honest introduction agencies are permitted to have ladies appear on our site.


Protect Your Personal Information

Take the time to get to know a lady before you share too much. Do not reveal your full name, family members’ names, phone number or other personal information before you’ve established a solid relationship with a lady.


Never Send Cash Directly

The way that dating scams typically work is this: the “lady” will spend weeks chatting up a likely gentleman. Then, she will suddenly have a situation that requires an infusion of cash. In some cases the story involves a medical emergency. In others, she needs money for travel or visas. She usually asks for a wire transfer, which can’t be traced or recalled once she picks up the cash. After receiving the money, she disappears, never to be heard from again.


Never send cash directly, especially to someone who you do not know. Hot Russian Brides prohibits ladies on our site from requesting gifts or money. Infractions of this rule result in ladies being removed from the site.


Be Cautious and Sensible

Do not rush into a relationship, no matter how charming and beautiful she is. It takes time to build trust and genuine affection. By proceeding cautiously in all affairs online you can ensure that you don’t get caught up in adverse situations. Remember, anything that sounds too good to be true almost always is.


Our extensive anti-scamming procedures and policies protect our valued clientele. By adding in a layer of caution and common sense, you can make international dating a safe and pleasurable endeavor.

Photo: Lockheed