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Reading More Into Russian Ladies' Lingo

4. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Translators and interpreters make this riveting Russian dating experience possible. However, there are some brave Russian brides that choose to translate themselves, leaving some men to wonder what in the world they are saying!


Let’s clear up some common confusion that you see in Russian ladies’ emails and profiles and discover the real meanings.


She wants a strong man

Typically when a Russian lady says she is looking for a “strong” man, she is referring to his personality and not his physique. Russian women like a strong-willed, confident man, not necessarily one with big muscles.


She wants a real man

A real man in a Russian lady’s mind is one that will care for her, provide for her, and be more than just a husband, but also a best friend and life partner. Russian women want men that are true to themselves and know who they are.


Intelligent means more

The word intelligent is not just a synonym for smart, according to Russian women. This term is considered to describe a person who is excellent overall, meaning well mannered, considerate, generous, honest, faithful, and gentle.


She’s an economist

This can be seen listed as a profession on many ladies’ profiles. An economist can mean she is studying economics at the University, or it can mean she has a job in accounting, finance, or any type of sales. Get to know her more so you can learn exactly what she does as an economist.


She wants a family

Many Russian ladies say they are eager to create a family. Don’t assume this means she wants a bundle of babies. The Russian word for “family” doesn’t specify children; it can just mean the husband and wife. Most Russian women do want to have children, but they are focused on finding the perfect mate first.


She loves her active rest

How can you rest if you are being active? This is a common term used on Russian ladies’ profiles and men often wonder what it means. This is just the literal translation from Russian to English meaning leisure or recreational activities, both outdoor and indoor. It’s what she likes to do in her spare time. This is where you may have a lot in common.


There may be other phrases that sound a little off to you. She is probably just trying her best to translate her Russian feelings into English words. Deciphering different languages is one of the many things that make international dating so much fun! Browse thousands of profiles free and discover a whole new language of love!