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Real-Life Members Share Travel Experiences, Offer Tips to Fellow Russian Daters

9. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, gentlemen wonder about the experiences of their fellow Russian daters. Do members of HotRussianBrides ever meet ladies from the site, they wonder, and if so, what are their experiences like? 


Check out the testimonials of Jake and Jensen, two real-life members who recently traveled to Ukraine to meet a special lady from HRB. The fellows also offer some friendly advice about getting around in Ukraine and interacting with Russian women, so take notes gentlemen!


Jake's Experience in Sumy, Ukraine

Jake: The Orchid Agency in Sumy is wonderful. All the people there are eager to help and to meet everything I needed. I do not know what I could ask more of, they met all my needs and made sure everything was just right. The people there are professional and courteous.


Some advice to someone thinking of going to Sumy: First, do not listen to what you might have heard, these women are happy in their lives, but like us, they are looking for someone to share their life with. These woman need to be treated with respect and kindness. Do not assume they are desperate to come to the USA. They are looking for someone who will love them, be faithful and understanding. These women are very intelligent, they are wonderful and kind, and as far as I am concerned, the prettiest women are in Sumy. Do not be forward, wait on them, if they like you, you will know it, but do not expect them to fall over backwards for you.

If you would like a little friendly advice try to learn a little Russian, it will make your visit there more enjoyable and might even impress the woman you are wanting to see, not to mention being able to understand and move around the city on your own. It will be easier to buy things when you are not with a translator. The people there are very friendly, if you make the effort to be understood and to understand them, they might be more willing to help. But if you are too uncomfortable to venture out on your own, the agency will help to get the things you need.

The Director of this agency is a very kind and wonderful woman. She is very concerned about the woman in her agency, but also the concern of your enjoyment in Sumy. These women are not all that different than the women here in the states, well maybe a little less materialistic. I feel they look for the simple pleasure in life, love being one of those simple pleasures. Be a gentlemen at all times and treat the woman you are going to see with respect.

Good luck in your search.


Jensen's Experience in Donetsk, Ukraine


Jensen: First of all, I just want to say "Wow.” That's all I can think of.  I finally made it to Ukraine.  And I was blown away by the service and courtesy offered here.  A little pricey maybe, but the level of care I have been treated with goes far beyond any of the testimonies featured on the website.  If you'd like to post this to your testimonies, feel free to do so. 


All services offered and used have been top-notch. I was picked up at the airport, after my contact and the interpreter waited 2 HOURS because well, I accidentally gave the wrong time, and the plane was late.  Not anyone’s fault.  After that, I got to my flat. Outside, it looked scary. Inside, it was perfect!  Cozy, warm, it felt good to be there.  I am still here right now and having a super good time!  The only regret I have is that I will have to return to my own country... 


Ah! And meeting Lena, wow! Nothing can describe the feeling of actually meeting her and discovering beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was the girl I was speaking with, right here, in the flesh, the exact same lady I had only seen in pictures and video chat. We have spent our evening together, and had great times with the interpreter, visiting places and doing various things, like bowling.

So, as a final closing note, your service and the services offered by the Agency in Donetsk, and by Slava, the arrangements correspondent, are the best, hands down, no argument.  This site is real, the ladies are real, the experience is real. I will be returning, again and again. (Besides, I have made my friends jealous because I went to Europe! That's worth a couple extra points, right?)

Anyway, awesome service. Thank you ever so much RTI!!  You guys have made my dreams come true, even if I end up only friends with Lena, it has been, and will continue to be, the time of my life!!


Many members of HotRussianBrides have traveled abroad to meet special women they met on the site, having the time of their lives in the process. Could you be the next satisfied customer?