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Why Isn’t Your Russian Lady in Video Chat?

4. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Hot Russian Brides was the first international dating site to bring video chat to members. And, it’s now become a standard part of international courting. But, as a downside, some gentlemen now become disappointed or even suspicious when a lady is online but does not have her webcam on. However, there are a lot of valid reasons she may not be on video on any given day. Ladies are not obligated to use videochat, and each lady can make the choice to use it or not on any given day.


She may be on her computer at home instead of at the introduction agency. If she has a home computer, her internet connection is quite likely very slow. Often, home internet in the FSU will not have the speed necessary to support video. Additionally, she might not have a webcam of her own.


She might not be dressed for the occasion. Russian ladies take a lot of pride in their appearances. If she’s under-dressed, without make-up, or even in curlers, it’s understandable that she will not wish to be seen on camera. When we’re dating someone, we want to feel our best, and looking our best for that special person is part of it.


Or, any other number of reasons. While some gentlemen feel video chat is necessary to confirm that a lady is “real,” that isn’t the case. Every lady who joins our agencies is fully verified. Remember, the ladies who use the site are there to have fun and meet eligible gentlemen from overseas. Video chatting is fun, but, if she is not up for it at any given time, that’s her call. If you wanted to see her on video chat and she does not have that option engaged, simply politely ask her why.