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Romance Russian Brides at Casanova Restaurant

23. April 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

While the interior of Casanova Restaurant is elegant and inviting, the small wooden summer houses are perfect for romantic outdoor dining. Located on Telbin Lake in Kyiv, Casanova has an Italian theme with a wide variety of menu items.


The summer terrace descends down to the bank of the lake and each private dining area is surrounded by classical statues and evergreen trees. Evening dining is most popular, due to the ideal weather and the beauty of the shimmering lake. Those choosing to dine inside enjoy the classy decor which includes chandeliers, fountains, murals, mirrors, and more.


The menu is quite large with a variety of salads, soups, and hot and cold appetizers. The fish market section of the menu offers eight options prepared all different ways. There is also a section devoted to Italian dishes which includes five types of pasta and seven kinds of pizza. Casanova offers Japanese cuisine as well.


Live music, cigars, hookahs, and karaoke keep guests around long after dinner is finished.


For a complete dining experience with a romantic atmosphere, great entertainment, and delicious food, consider Casanova Restaurant during your next trip to visit Kyiv girls.