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Russia to re-introduce “Retro” Soviet Cigarettes

13. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Russia, one of the few countries that have not yet instituted any sort of overall smoking ban for the workplace or public areas, has been seen as one of the most smoker-friendly countries in the world due to the tobacco quality and the lack of restriction over smoking areas.

The market share for cheaper cigarettes has been growing lately, while more expensive premium brands like Marlboro and Parliament have been losing customers. British American Tobacco (BAT) Russia, one of the largest cigarette manufacturing firms in the country has responded to this by re-launching several popular brands from the height of the Soviet Union.

BAT Russia, hoping that the mixture of inexpensive cigarettes, a popular name and nostalgia will be a winning combination follows in the steps of many other companies who have bought the names of Soviet-era brands or are designing Soviet-style packaging for their products.