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Russia’s President Congratulates Obama on Winning Nobel Peace Prize

12. October 2009 by Kari 0 Comments

President Obama was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for what was said to be, “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen diplomacy and cooperation between people. “

While many Americans are in an uproar over the President winning this award, many countries including Russia are happy that the United State’s President has won this prestigious honor. In fact, Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated President Obama for receiving the award saying, “The prize will help advance US-Russian efforts to create a new climate in global politics.” Russia’s President also explained that the country wanted to continue working with the U.S. to strengthen relations. He further said that these relations were based on “principles of equality, mutual respect and consideration of each other’s interests to the benefit of global peace and stability.”

Russians are excited that the President is not going to carry out the President Bush's plan of putting missile defense sites in the Czech Republic and Poland. In turn, Russia may be joining the United States, Britain and France in their efforts to try and get Iran to stop building anymore nuclear sites and to also get Iran to disarm of all nuclear weapons.