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Russian Archpriest Proposes “Spiritual Nightclubs” Filled With Books, Not Booze

27. April 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

After proposing a controversial dress code that would forbid Russian women from wearing provocative clothing, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin has a new idea on how to combat the so-called immorality of Russia’s youth: building nightclubs stocked, not with booze and beer, but with tea and books. These “spiritual nightclubs,” Chaplin says, would help keep young Russians out of trouble by giving them a place to go during the wee hours of the morning.

“When people say that any nightclub is necessarily a brothel, or a drug den, or a gathering place for alcoholics, their vision has been corrupted,” Chaplin said in an interview on Russian television.


The spiritual nightclubs would give young people a place to focus on “serious dialogue, reading, and unhurried conversation” and would stay open until 5 a.m, providing an alternative to the more traditional nightclubs filled with booze and scantily clad women (or, as Chaplin calls them, “painted clowns”).

An interesting idea, perhaps, but would it ever work?

Julia Ioffe, a Moscow based writer who regularly contributes to the The New Yorker, doesn’t think so. The Church has tried this before, she notes, and with little success. Though the idea of a nightclub filled with books and tea may appeal to some, such clubs would almost certainly fail to attract visitors.

For now, the spiritual nightclub idea is just a suggestion, much like January’s proposed dress code. Despite Chaplin’s insistence that sexy clothing leads to “short-term marriages” and “ratlike divorces,” the Church did not act on archpriest’s controversial proposal.