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Russian Artist’s Playful Miniature World

23. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russian photographer Annabelle Danchee decided to do a Photo a Day project with an interesting angle: her pictures would have a yearlong theme. Each day, she created a charming illusion of herself as a miniature person navigating a normal-sized world.


The whimsical photos depict the Annabelle digging into a giant pie with a spoon that is larger than she is, feeding apples to giant beetles and hitching an eggshell carriage up to a grasshopper.


Annabelle says that she acquired her first camera when she was seven years old, and caught the photography bug after taking pictures of colorful insects at a summer camp that year. Now, her projects include portraiture, design, and wedding photos. Maybe, when the time comes to tie the knot with your Russian bride, she’s just the creative and playful photographer to capture your special day!


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