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Russian Bride Myths: She’ll Definitely Want to Be a Stay at Home Wife

29. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments


Are you looking specifically for someone who will want to be a stay-at-home wife and mother? It’s best to discuss that during courtship. There are many generalizations that are made about Russian ladies, and what they will want from a relationship. Many gentlemen assume that all Russian brides yearn for a traditional household, and will want to stay at home and raise children.


While many Russian ladies do want this sort of arrangement, others do not. Like women in other parts of the world, Russian women do not all fall into one category. Education is considered very important in the FSU. As such, many Russian ladies study hard with the idea that they will work in a professional career. Many intelligent and ambitious Russian ladies love the challenge of a career, and are currently involved in a profession in Russia or Ukraine. Hot Russian Brides include entrepreneurs, nurses, photographers, and other professionals.


Other Russian ladies do, indeed, wish to be stay-at-home mothers and make child-rearing their full-time calling. Or, they will decide that they wish to stay at home while the children are young and resume their careers once the kids are older and in school.


If having one sort of partner or the other is very important to you, this is something that you should mention early in courtship. Making sure that you and your love are on the same page as one another reduces the chances of friction and incompatibility later on.


Just as there are gentlemen with different desires, the ladies have a range of life plans, as well. Talk to your favorite Russian beauty about what she sees in her future. Open communication helps you learn about one another, and pick someone to share your life with who wants the same things as you.