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Russian Bride Scams: How Truths Get Twisted

8. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Girl Scouts are a scam. What? Yep, there are people out there that believe the Girl Scouts are just a manipulative way to sell cookies. You can find folks that will twist and turn any legitimate service into a suspected swindle. Here’s how some naysayers turn this exciting Russian dating experience into a so-called scam.


New members get hundreds of emails, so it must be a scam!

It is true that when you first join HotRussianBrides, you will receive lots of emails from Russian and Ukrainian ladies. There are nearly 14,000 of single, eager ladies wanting to chat with you so it shouldn’t be surprising that you receive tons of letters right away. Another reason why this happens is because you are featured as a “New Member” on the ladies site so they see your profile before others.


All the girls look like models, so it must be a scam!

While many of these ladies are very attractive, not all of them are models. Russian and Ukrainian women do have a certain look and attitude about them which men find very desirable. These are real, single ladies who are looking for Mr. Right, no matter where he may reside.


Competitors say HotRussianBrides is a scam, so it must be a scam!

Of course competitors will say anything that will trash this service to advance their own. If you’ve seen blogs or supposed blacklist sites that say HotRussianBrides is a scam, consider the ones who are saying it. They claim to be former members or ex-employees, but they are usually from other, less sophisticated, Russian dating sites that are just trying to battle the best in the industry.


Chats and emails are censored, so it must be a scam!

One of the things that make HotRussianBrides more legitimate and effective from others is how it follows the rules and regulations of international dating and marriage. Since there is a law about exchanging contact information through foreign dating sites, HotRussianBrides must censor emails or chats that contain phone numbers, addresses, or emails. Once you become a qualified member, you can then exchange that information and arrange a meeting.


HotRussianBrides is not for every man. You have to be open-minded and willing to give this unique dating experience a chance before jumping to conclusions. Anything can be taken out of context and misunderstood. Let these Russian and Ukrainian women show you they are real, honest, and searching for a true soul mate.