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Russian Ladies Like Lively Profile Pics

7. January 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Kanphetka

At the start of your Russian dating experience, photos can communicate so much more than you realize. While Russian and Ukrainian women don't base their soul mate search on looks, they are more likely to initiate conversations with men who post fun, interesting profile photos. Here are some ideas to break away from those standard, staring straight-faced into the camera, pics.


Please Them with Pets

Posting a photo with your pet will definitely make Russian ladies take a second glance at your profile, since many love animals of all kinds. (Have you browsed the Russian Women and Their Pets Photo Gallery lately?) Whether you have a cute, cuddly dog or cat, or something more exotic like a bird or reptile, ladies love to see your pets and this also gives them something to ask you about. Just make sure that you are clearly visible in the photo too.

NightDream likes to pose with her snake!

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Intrigue Them with Travel shots

Photos from vacations are always fun to include on your profile. Again, these are good conversation starters and most likely show you in a happy and carefree mood. They don’t need to be landmark shots at far away locales. Some photos of you around your local area, perhaps at a park or the beach, would work just fine.


Desstiny likes to visit the Dolphinarium with her son!

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Inform Them with Work or Play Pics

Another good idea for lively profile photos are some of what you do for a living. This shows the ladies that you are proud of your career and happy to show it off. In addition, include some shots of you enjoying leisure activities so they can see that you’re not all work and no play. You can be playing a sport, or even sitting at your computer while chatting online. Any recreational activity picture will give the girls a glimpse into your life. The more you can learn about each other, the closer you will become.


CaringSoul works (and plays!) at a children's development center!

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Remember, you must be included in all photos that you post on your profile. If you want to show a lady pictures of your house, your car, or other aspects of your life, you can send them as attachments in emails. (Check out the Video Tutorial on How to Upload Profile Photos and Email Attachments!)


The more pictures you post, the merrier! Bronze members can upload only 1 photo, so make it good! Silver, gold, and platinum members can post up to 6, so try a variety of these suggestions. Just like you enjoy viewing these lovely Russian ladies’ photos, they enjoy viewing yours as well. If you're a bronze member, consider upgrading your membership to give them a better look at who could be their future husband!