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Russian Ladies Love Your Letters!

8. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Say hello to hot Russian bride, AnnQueen!

Some Russian and Ukrainian women have the luxury of a home computer with internet access, so they’re able to be online more frequently than others. Some girls just have more free time in which they can spend at their agencies, chatting with new gentlemen every day.


However, most of the ladies looking for love on HotRussianBrides.com are busy with work, school, or just can’t log in to the site as often. This is why email is an effective way to start getting to know them.


Even gentlemen admit that they get excited when they open their inbox and see lots of new messages. Here are a few ways you can delight the ladies with your digital letters.


One way to start is to show some initiative and find some women to contact. New members always receive tons of emails from the ladies, so you could play the passive part and just reply all day. However, Russian women want real men that know what they want and go after it, so start some conversations!


Next, don’t spill your whole story in the first email. Talking too much about yourself is a huge turnoff. Focus on the ladies. Give compliments, ask questions, and keep it brief. You want to keep them intrigued so they continue replying back to eventually learn more about you.


Russian and Ukrainian ladies love romantic gestures so try showing your tender side by including a poem or love song lyrics in an email. Also, it’s always polite to thank a lady for replying to your email. Some guys forget common courtesies when communicating online but they are still important to include and show you’re a true gentleman.


Emailing is an affordable and effective way to get to know these hot Russian brides. Sign up for a Gold or Platinum Membership and you’ll receive free introduction and follow up emails to send every month!