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Russian Ladies and Turkish Gentlemen

30. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

While it often seems that America is the only destination for Russian brides, that is far from the case. Ukrainian and Russian women who look for love on our site are interested in meeting gentlemen from all over the globe. Turkey, for instance, is one country popular with Russian and Ukrainian girls.


Close Links Between Turkey and Ukraine


The histories of Ukraine and Turkey are intimately linked. Much of Southern Ukraine was once part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The Ukrainian language has a large number of loan-words from Turkish. These language similarities make it easier for you and your special lady to learn one another’s languages and communicate. Turkish cooking methods and ingredients have been woven into Ukraine’s unique cuisine. After Ukrainian independence in 1991, Turkey was one of the first states to officially recognize Ukrainian sovereignty. The two countries have warm relations and close diplomatic ties, and have negotiated together when dealing with both Russia and the EU.


Meeting That Special Lady in Person


St Sophia CathedralUkraine and Turkey are neighbors, separated only by the Black Sea. The close proximity of Turkey to Ukraine makes travel between the two countries quite easy. Your bride may have already visited Turkey, or know someone who has. Turkey is the most popular international vacation destinations for Ukrainians. Half a million Ukrainians visited Turkey in 2011. In the summers, Turkish beaches are filled with Ukrainian women in bikinis who are there to catch some sun and enjoy the beauty of the Turquoise Coast. About three million Russians vacation in Turkey each year.


Now, just in time for the velvet season, travel between Ukraine and Turkey has become easier than ever. Under a new agreement between the two countries, Ukrainian women can visit Turkey without a visa, so, it is easy for your sexy lady to come to you during courtship. Turkish gentlemen will also be able to visit Ukraine visa-free. Previously, a Turkish citizen had to pay around $200 for a visa, which made traveling prohibitively expensive for some. A proposed rail ferry that will travel between Ukraine and Turkey will make getting there even easier.


Life in Turkey for Your Russian or Ukrainian Bride


When it is finally time for her to come to live in your country, your bride will be in the company of many of her fellow Ukrainians. According various estimates, there are roughly 20,000 Ukrainians permanently living in Turkey. There are also about 30,000 Russians living in the coastal area of Antalya; 18,000 of those are Russian brides.


There are a number of resources available to help your Russian or Ukrainian lady feel at home. In Antalya, the Russian Friendship and Cultural Association helps couples adjust to their cultural differences. Many of the businesses in the center of Antalya have Russian-language signage out front, making Russians and Ukrainians feel welcome. A Ukrainian Cultural Institute was established in Istanbul in 2008. There are many Orthodox churches throughout Turkey for those ladies who wish to maintain their religious affiliation.


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